Ethan Gregory Dodge

Freelance Investigative & Data Journalist.
Newsroom Security Specialist.

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I am a freelance investigative journalist based in San Jose, CA.

I write news features that do one or more of the following:

Have direct, local impact

Local stories are more important now than ever.

Relate to AI & surveillance

Algorithms learn more about us everyday.

Lift up underrepresented communities

So many people haven’t had their stories told.

Additionally, with a background in cybersecurity intelligence, I help newsrooms with the following:

Protect journalists & sources

Improve security of the tools you currently use, and maybe deploy some you don’t.

Anti-surveillance training

Learn about the biggest threats to modern media and how to circumvent them.

Digital investigations & data journalism

Help connect the dots using digital sources and data vizualizations as well as traditional fact checking.

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