About Ethan Gregory Dodge

EGD is an investigative freelance journalist whose curiosity and technical background have enabled him to write impactful news pieces.

EGD in late 2019.

Ethan Gregory Dodge (pronouns he/him/his) carries nearly a decade of experience in cyber security investigations for software companies both large and small. In 2016 he put his skills in digital forensics to use in a journalistic capacity as a founding member of MormonLeaks. Originally tasked with protecting sources, EGD’s role quickly expanded, playing an instrumental role in connecting $32 billion of assets in the U.S. stock market to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was the first time any journalist verified a clear paper trail documenting the organization’s value. EGD later discovered a venture capital arm of the LDS Church in 2020.

EGD’s reporting also led to his possession of documents exposing a child sexual abuse cover up in a congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses. He later helped oust Sterling Van Wagenen, a prominent LDS filmmaker and co-founder of the Sundance Film Festival, as a child molester. The story empowered another victim to come forward and Van Wagenen is now behind bars.

Incessantly asking his parents questions from a young age, EGD’s curiosity has served him his whole life. Be it troubleshooting a small computer problem, finding the entry point of a cyber adversary, or getting to the bottom of corruption, EGD rarely stops until the key questions are answered. It is this trait that has helped him excel in both his role as an engineer and a journalist.

EGD continues to apply his technical abilities in the media industry as a freelance journalist. In his reporting, EGD has shifted his focus from religion to exposing biases in surveillance, artificial intelligence, and how they further prejudices in policing and society at large. EGD also consults with newsrooms and journalists, helping them improve their security posture.

EGD holds a degree in IT Security from Utah Valley University and is currently pursuing a certificate in copy editing through the University of California at San Diego. He is a member of Investigative Reporters and Editors and the Freelancer’s Union. In his free time, he enjoys homebrewing, freediving, snowshoeing, hiking, cycling, playing board games, and reading.

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