Potential Conflicts of Interest

Some potential conflicts of interest I consider when deciding to work on projects and boundaries I have decided to set.


I have either previously been or am currently employed by the following companies and will not write news stories, features, or profiles concerning them:

Previous activism

Before beginning to report in San Jose, CA, I founded the Citizens Privacy Coalition of Santa Clara County (CPCSCC). In that role, I advocated for surveillance legislation in San Jose. It was during this time that I became a volunteer columnist at San Jose Spotlight writing about surveillance. Quickly, it became apparent to me that while many reporters were paying attention to policing and surveillance in San Francisco and other parts of the Bay Area, very few were doing so in San Jose. With encouragement and support from friends and family, I decided to distance myself from CPCSCC and use my knowledge of technology and the connections I obtained while organizing to report issues of racial justice, policing, and surveillance taking place in Santa Clara County, CA. As of August 2021, I have absolutely no dealings with CPCSCC.

However, because I was instrumental in promoting a CCOPS regulation model of surveillance in San Jose, I will not report directly on the continued efforts to advance it. That said, I feel it would be foolish to not report on privacy and the use of surveillance technology within the county and the community’s reaction. I commit to make each editor I work with aware of this situation and allow each newsroom to decide for themselves whether they feel it appropriate for me to report on such cases.