Hire EGD

I am available for hire for the services listed below. If you are interested, please email me at e (at) egd (dot) io and we can discuss whether your project would be a good fit.


I’m particularly interested in working on projects that fit within my values described on my homepage.

ReportingInvestigative news pieces, profiles, and features
Podcast productionSource acquisition, interviewing, reporting, and light audio engineering
Fact checkingCheck an already written piece of literature for accuracy
Digital investigationsLeverage my deep understanding of the Internet to assist news investigations, like I did here
Data journalism & visualizationAnalyze data and present it in a way easily consumed by readers, like I did here.

Newsroom cyber-security

Threats to the news gathering and reporting processes are nothing new, but the Internet digital surveillance has made the attack vector even larger. This provides me a fascinating opportunity to leverage both background in cyber-security and passion for journalism to work with journalists and news organizations improve their security, particularly when it comes to source and journalist protection.

Security assessmentsAssess the current security posture and practices of a newsroom
Anti-surveillance trainingTraining workshops to educate newsrooms and journalist
Software and hardware deploymentDeploy tools to improve security, such as SecureDrop