What I have put out to the world.

I love documenting everything. As such, I’ve dedicated this space to stash nearly every work I’ve published, every interview I’ve given, and every talk I’ve delivered. Some of these things may not age well and some may think it’s conceded to post it all. But, for me, it paints with the spectrum of colors that is my authentic self and produces an illustration of my growth.

As to not overwhelm those visiting, I have provided select links for each section that are more digestible representations of my work.

Selected Works

The reporting I’m most proud of.

Selected Press Mentions

Instances in which I or my work have been mentioned in the press that I’m particularly proud of.

Selected Talks

A list of public speaking engagements I particularly enjoyed doing.

Complete List of Interviews

A near-comprehensive list of all interviews or media appearances I have done in reverse chronological order.