Complete List of Interviews

A near-comprehensive list of all interviews or media appearances I have done in reverse chronological order.
Date Outlet Link
April 20, 2022Mormon LandThe co-founders of MormonLeaks discuss their four-year ride exposing secrets
April 9, 2022Little BrotherLittle Brother Episode 80
December 9, 2021The Concerned MinorityPolicing & Surveillance w/ Ethan Gregory Dodge + Inflation Hysteria
January 20, 2020Left at the ValleyTruth and Transparancy with Ethan Dodge and Tracie Harris
December 18, 2019The Right to ReasonBetween Truth and Transparency
November 16, 2019The Phil Ferguson ShowTruth & Transparency
February 20, 2019The Non-ProhphetsThe Non-Prophets 18.04 with Denis Loubet, Jamie Boone, Kevin Stein, & Ethan Gregory Dodge
February 7, 2019Sunstone PodcastSunstone Podcast Episode 6: An Interview with the Truth and Transparency Foundation
November 3, 2018Godless BitchesGodless Bitches 04.14 with Clare Wuellner, Jen Peeples, Tracie Harris, & Ethan Dodge
August 7, 2018Mormon LandA Q&A with MormonLeaks officials and their quest to expose the faith’s secrets
August 7, 2018Mormon Happy HourInterview w/Ethan Dodge, Sam’s Hunger Strike Update, and BYU’s Amnesty Loophole
June 15, 2018Mormon Happy HourFinancial Transparency w/MormonLeaks & Gay Wedding Bliss
June 1, Ethan Dodge A Mormonfan Interveiw
May 1, 2018KUTV 2NewsThe men of MormonLeaks — Why they do it and what they’re after
March 20, 2018Mormon Happy HourBreaking Interview w/Ethan Dodge of MormonLeaks on Joseph Bishop Sexual Assault Leak
February 12, 2018SarahTalkCurling, Canadians, Cults and More w/ Ethan Dodge of FaithLeaks
January 25, 2018Naked MormonismMormonLeaks Minute Episode 87
January 12, 2018Watchtower: In FocusThe Palmer Leak Episode 8
December 4, 2017Mormon News ReportEpisode #22: Week of 4 December 2017
October 12, 2017Naked MormonismMormonLeaks Minute Episode 72
October 1, 2017Infants on ThronesMormonLeaks: Privacy Pratt Revealed
January 13, 2017Infants on ThronesMormonLeaks