Complete List of Press Mentions

All the instances in which I or my work have been mentioned in the press in reverse chronological order.
Date Outlet Link
April 5, 2022The Salt Lake TribuneAfter exposing LDS Church wealth, apostle pay and abuse allegations, this nonprofit is shutting down
April 5, 2022The Salt Lake TribuneNew database gives widest look ever at LDS Church landholdings. See what it owns and where.
April 5, 2022The Salt Lake TribuneHow the latest data on the LDS Church’s landholdings came to be
April 29, 2021Local News MattersSan Jose gunshot detection system trial has some fearing it could target minorities
March 15, 2021San Jose SpotlightSan Jose activists, councilmember push surveillance regulation
July 25, 2020FædrelandsvennenWhy FaithLeaks had to Delete More than 23,000 Files on Jehovah's Witnesses
July 20, 2020Salt Lake TribuneMormonLeaks founders pay $15,000 to settle copyright suit with the Jehovah’s Witnesses'
June 5, 2019The Daily SwigSafe harbor needs to be built to provide haven for ethical hackers
May 24, 2019The New York Times Daily PodcastConfronting a Childhood Abuser
April 28, 2019The New York TimesHow an Abuse Victim’s Nerve and a Hidden iPhone Led to the Arrest of a Sundance Founder
February 20, 2019Senator Jerry Hill's OfficeNew Bill by Senator Jerry Hill Requires Clergy to Report Child Abuse and Neglect Under Any Circumstances
February 5, 2019FædrelandsvennenFaithLeaks Welcomes More Churches
January 14, 2019The Friendly AtheistJehovah’s Witnesses Lawyer Demands Takedown of Documents from FaithLeaks
December 11, 2018Salt Lake City WeeklyBest of Utah 2018: Best Transparency Crusaders
November 8, 2018Telemundo UtahEl limite de la confesión
July 27, 2018Salt Lake City WeeklySacred Cow: MormonLeaks team puts its transparency crusade into historical context
July 4, 2018Salt Lake City WeeklyLatter-day Leaks: Inside Ryan McKnight’s crusade for transparency within the LDS Church
May 1, 2018KUTV 2NewsThe men of MormonLeaks — Why they do it and what they’re after
January 9, 2018GizmodoNew Whistleblower Site FaithLeaks Releases Confidential Documents About Child Sexual Abuse in Jehovah’s Witnesses Community
November 7, 2017The Friendly AtheistDoes Your Church Have Secrets? FaithLeaks Wants To Know All About Them
November 6, 2017Salt Lake TribuneMemo to all religions: MormonLeaks may be coming after you with new FaithLeaks site
March 17, 2017GizmodoMormonLeaks Goes to Battle With Mormon Church Over Leaked 'Enemy List'
March 17, 2017Washington PostMormonLeaks website squares off with Mormon Church, posts leaked ‘Enemies List’