Complete List of Talks

A near-comprehensive list of all the public speaking engagements I have done in reverse chronological order.
Date Event Title
July 30, 2020Sunstone SymposiumAsk the Truth and Transparency Foundation
August 10, 2019Defcon Crypto & Privacy VillageScrubber: An open source compilation to protect journalistic sources |
August 9, 2019Defcon SkytalksMissteps in the Path to Religious Transparency
April 9, 2019EFF Austin MeetupThe Fight For Religious Transparency on the Electronic Frontier |
August 11, 2018Defcon Recon VillageHow WHOIS Data Uncovered $32 Billion Connected to the Mormon Church |
August 10, 2018Defcon SkytalksFrom MormonLeaks to FaithLeaks
July 27, 2018Sunstone SymposiumThe History of Transparency and Censorship within the LDS Church
July 26, 2018Sunstone SymposiumMormonLeaks: The LDS Church and Transparency
July 29, 2017Defcon SkytalksInside MormonLeaks (as Privacy P. Pratt)
July 27, 2017Sunstone SymposiumAn Introduction to MormonLeaks (as Privacy P. Pratt)
July 25, 2017BSidesLV (Underground)Inside MormonLeaks (as Privacy P. Pratt)
October 12, 2016SAINTConWrestling With Yourself: Dealing With Impostor Syndrome in InfoSec
October 12, 2016SAINTConProtecting Your Brand With Defensive OSINT Tactics
March 10, 2016BSidesSLCGoogling Like a Boss: Expanding the Powers of OSINT
February 29, 2016BSidesSFDigital Intelligence Gathering: Using the Powers of OSINT for Both Blue and Red Teams |
October 27, 2015SAINTConInfosec: Up and Running
March 21, 2015BSidesSLCSecurity Onions and Honeypotz