Complete Works

A near-comprehensive list of my list of my reporting in reverse chronological order.

I try to keep this section as up-to-date as possible, but sometimes fall behind. My Muckrack profile should provide links to my latest work.

Date Publication Link
July 13, 2022Metro Silicon ValleyWeezmatic Headlines Slap Box Following New Album
June 29, 2022Metro Silicon ValleyStrength in Members: The woman behind San Jose Strong now has her sights set on developing an app for San Joseans
May 27, 2022MotherboardThe 'Capital of Silicon Valley' Is Ignoring Its Privacy Experts
May 11, 2022Metro Silicon ValleySan Jose Organizations Protest for Reproductive Rights
May 4, 2022Metro Silicon ValleySan Jose Walls Present New Murals at Guadalupe River Park
April 24, 2022San Jose SpotlightFox Tale Fermentation Project brings unique brews to San Jose
April 6, 2022Metro Silicon ValleyChristian Rivera Nolan’s Long Way Home: Local poet’s journey of self discovery (and publishing)
April 5, 2022Truth & TransparencyLDS Church has Most Valuable Private Real Estate Portfolio in the US, Evidence Suggests
March 30, 2022Metro Silicon ValleyBody of Work: How a San Jose tattoo parlor rose to international acclaim
March 30, 2022Metro Silicon ValleyFlock Catchers: As San Jose moves ahead with ALPRs, privacy experts keep their eyes open
March 2, 2022Metro Silicon ValleyThe Fire of Truth: HERO Tent's communal traveling mural dedicated to Black women organizers
December 1, 2021Metro Silicon Valley/San Jose InsideSan Jose City Council Unanimously Approves Automatic License Plate Reader Expansion
November 17, 2021Metro Silicon Valley/San Jose InsideThese Young Black Activists Are Keeping the Fight for Social Justice Alive in San Jose
November 10, 2021San Jose SpotlightWhat is predictive policing and why is it dangerous?
November 10, 2021Metro Silicon Valley/San Jose InsideCivil Rights Issues Related to Artificial Intelligence Are Focus of San Jose State Panel
October 29, 2021San Jose SpotlightDowntown San Jose pizza shop under new ownership after abuse allegations
October 19, 2021San Jose SpotlightExplaining San Jose’s partnership with Helium
September 8, 2021San Jose SpotlightModern community surveillance threatens our human rights
July 14, 2021San Jose SpotlightGunshot detection tech will lead to more police killings in San Jose
July 14, 2021San Jose SpotlightSan Jose police doesn’t know what it’s doing with its own tech
May 31, 2021San Jose SpotlightDowntown San Jose bar owner resigns amid #MeToo accusations of sexual abuse
May 12, 2021San Jose SpotlightSilicon Valley residents must help ban surveillance advertising
April 14, 2021San Jose SpotlightPrivacy is a human right. San Jose should treat it as such.
March 15, 2021San Jose SpotlightTrue police reform requires regulating surveillance tech, San Jose
February 14, 2021Surveillance TodaySurveillance in Black History: Martin Luther King
March 7, 2020Truth & TransparencyMormon Church Moves Public Stock Holdings to Single Entity
February 6, 2020Truth & TransparencyMormon-tied Public Holdings Near $35 Billion; Venture Capital Investments in Pharma and Tech Companies Discovered
May 29, 2019Truth & Transparency2019 Jehovah’s Witness Convention Videos Published Again After Successful Takedown Request
May 15, 2019Truth & TransparencyJehovah's Witnesses Overhaul Proselytizing Procedures in Response to EU Regulation
May 6, 2019Truth & TransparencyDecades of Letters Addressed to Jehovah’s Witness Leaders in Brazil and Portugal Now Published Online
April 30, 2019Atlassian Community, Trust & SecurityAtlassian Adopts Bug Bounty Safe Harbor to Further Enable Researchers
April 10, 2019Truth & Transparency'The Church has always been anti-gay'; LGBT Community Reacts in the Wake of Mormon Policy Rescission
April 10, 2019Truth & TransparencyDirector of Mormon Temple Videos Charged with First Degree Sexual Abuse of a Child
April 4, 2019Truth & TransparencySandy Police Investigating Van Wagenen for Second Instance of Sex Abuse
March 21, 2019Truth & TransparencyBYU Religion Professor Guilty of Plagiarism; University Yet to Take Action
February 21, 2019Truth & TransparencyInterview With Police Reveals Small Discrepancy in Sterling Van Wagenen's Story
February 11, 2019Truth & TransparencyLeaked 'Branch' and 'Elders' Manuals Pull Back the Curtain of Inner Workings of Jehovah’s Witnesses' Top Leaders
February 4, 2019Truth & TransparencyDirector of Mormon Temple Videos and Sundance Festival Co-founder Admits to Child Molestation in Early 90s
January 14, 2019Truth & TransparencyTruth & Transparency Receives Four Takedown Requests from Jehovah’s Witnesses
November 15, 2018The Utah BeeThe Case Against Utah’s Clergy Exemption
October 6, 2018Twilio BlogEvolving Our Trusted Bounty Program: Twilio Adds Safe Harbor to Bug Bounty
January 13, 2018The Salt Lake TribuneCommentary: Two Mormon petitions show the contrasting priorities of members
November 26, 2017The Salt Lake TribuneCommentary: The gaslighting within Mormonism must stop
January 12, 2017Deseret NewsA critical response to the Deseret News from MormonLeaks