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Sometimes I get opinionated and write about it. Other times I forego the rant.

March 8, 2021

What the Last Four Years Have Taught Me About Politics

I originally wrote this in January, days after the attack on the Capitol. Only small edits have been made since my original draft. Had you predicted in January 2017 exactly what would happen during Trump’s first term in office, I surely wouldn’t have believed you. To be fair, I’m generally skeptical of predictions, no matter who they come from. I’m convinced the only predictions to come true are overly broad. But I digress.

What do ex-Mormons, ex-JWs, and people with QAnon believing relatives have in common? We’ve all had relationships destroyed.

I’ve been aware of the QAnon movement probably only slightly more than the average American for the past couple of years. I have individuals close to me who may not identify with the movement or even know about the anonymous individual “Q” but are definitely influenced by and believe many, if not all, the conspiracy theories rooted in the movement. With the attacks on the Capitol building this past Wednesday, it became apparent which of those individuals believe the 2020 election was rigged and fradualent (it wasn’t).

For My Foremothers

10 years ago, January of 2009, I was a rebelious Mormon teen and wanted proof of it. So I got a small tattoo of a triplet note on my ankle. It took the artist all of 7 minutes to do and cost me $50. I had to take a cash advance on my credit card to pay him, and even then, could only withdraw $40. At the time, I was a wannabe rock star who was sure I was going to move to Phoenix, become an audio engineer, then move to LA to network while working shows and eventually I’d make it big.

I am Privacy P. Pratt

Privacy P. Pratt is a pseudonym which I assumed in October of 2016 to mask my involvement with the non-profit, pro-transparency media organization called MormonLeaks.1 The name comes from Parley P. Pratt one of the early leaders of the Mormon Church. As Privacy P. Pratt, I have handled the technical operations of MormonLeaks, as well as participated in the executive and administrative operations. I am here to address my anonymity and why I have decided to reveal my involvement now.

September 23, 2017

Libertarian No More

Many of my friends, family, and colleagues, if asked, will report that I associate myself with the libertarian political philosophy. They’d probably feel comfortable saying that I support the likes of Ron Paul, Justin Amash, and Gary Johnson. What they probably don’t know is that my Libertarian cred is even higher with my subscription to Reason magazine. But I have recently found myself slightly disaffected with the Libertarian party. Some of it is personal philosophy changes, some of it is recent events, and some of it is just misalignments that have always existed that I never saw.

February 11, 2017

An Open Letter to Senator Rand Paul

Dear Senator Paul, I write this letter at risk of coming across as an over-the-top, idealistic fanboy of yours. I did not love your endorsement of Mitt Romney in 2012, but I was willing to look past it. You really won my support with your 13 hour filibuster against the nomination of John Brennan in 2013, opposing the use of drones against American citizens. Then even more so when you fought, right up until just before the vote, against sending aid to the Egyptian coup later that year (I watched it live).

The Start Of My Opinions

A couple of years back, I deleted my Facebook account. I first got it in 2006 before many of my friends and family ever did. I loved Facebook. But as time went on it slowly became more and more of a waste of time. If my feed did not show what someone was eating or a click bait title, it was an opinionated and scathing flame war of comments. As Facebook culture started to grow into what it is now, I would participate in all these activities and many times I was the immature, generalizing, and heated friend stuck in his preconceived notions that you always rolled your eyes at.