What happened to Surveillance Today?

I had to take a little break

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I know, you haven’t been getting the latest in surveillance news directly to your inbox since May 10! And there is so much that has happened between now and then. For example, just yesterday the U.S. House Judicial Committee had a hearing regarding the use of facial recognition. Oh and there’s all the madness that it going on with an app called Citizen which encourages neighbors to film and discuss local crime. You can read all about in this terrific overview here.

So, where did you go?

In short, I hadn’t taken enough time to myself during the pandemic and it was taking a toll on my anxiety. Situations arose in my life that pushed that over the edge and it became very difficult concentrate at work and focus on side projects such as Surveillance Today.

So I hit pause on everything to work with my therapist and recalibrate. I have been reading a lot about mindfulness, anxiety, self compassion, trauma, and labor and applying what I learn to my life. I just recently turned a corner and am feeling much improved.

Is Surveillance Today coming back?

Yes! I’m just as committed as ever to writing and educating about surveillance technology and how it’s both previously and presently abused. I have a lot of new ideas that I get really excited about, but I’ve also learned that I need to pace myself with everything else I have going on in life.

As such, I’m going to continue this hiatus for a bit longer while I figure all that out, but Surveillance Today will be back sometime in the early fall.

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