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February 14, 2021

Surveillance in Black History: Martin Luther King

Surveillance Today

February 6, 2020

Mormon-tied Public Holdings Near $35 Billion; Venture Capital Investments in Pharma and Tech Companies Discovered

Truth & Transparency

April 10, 2019

'The Church has always been anti-gay'; LGBT Community Reacts in the Wake of Mormon Policy Rescission

Truth & Transparency

March 21, 2019

BYU Religion Professor Guilty of Plagiarism; University Yet to Take Action

Truth & Transparency

February 11, 2019

Leaked 'Branch' and 'Elders' Manuals Pull Back the Curtain of Inner Workings of Jehovah’s Witnesses' Top Leaders

Truth & Transparency

February 4, 2019

Director of Mormon Temple Videos and Sundance Festival Co-founder Admits to Child Molestation in Early 90s

Truth & Transparency

November 26, 2017

Commentary: The gaslighting within Mormonism must stop

The Salt Lake Tribune