A Small Clarification

January 31, 2017  •   1 minute read

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On January 13, 2017 Infants on Thrones released an interview with myself and Ryan McKnight, which you can find and listen to here. In this interview, when talking about WikiLeaks and responding to comparisons between them and MormonLeaks, I said at about 36:15 “WikiLeaks is dealing with information that is putting peoples' lives in danger”. What I wish I would have said is that WikiLeaks deals with information that could potentially put peoples' lives in danger. There are many claims that the information that WikiLeaks has released has put people’s lives in danger and have even led to deaths. I have not been presented with significant evidence that supports these claims so I have no reason to believe them. As an exmormon, I understand the dangers of misinformation by taking somebody in authority’s word as truth. I refuse to believe what cannot be proven to me, so I am compelled to believe that the information that WikiLeaks has released has not ever resulted in the loss of life.


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